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Burmese Python

Egg is very creative, but dislikes change. He loves to draw and write, and brainstorms concepts for characters and stories when he's bored. He has a lot of anxiety surrounding the sharing of his ideas, and will often delete and hide things — though he's trying to unlearn this habit so that he can better track his own progress as a creative. He does not like buying new things; he will use things until they break and becomes very upset when they inevitably do.

He tends to make plans spontaneously and on short notice — he forgets things if too much time has passed and rarely remembers to put reminders in his phone. He sticks closely to his daily routine; if anything is missing, such as running out of body wash or forgetting to buy more energy drinks, he gets extremely upset and has trouble functioning for the rest of the day until he goes to work for the day or goes to sleep for the night. He doesn't make plans before noon to keep them from interfering.

Egg tries to be friendly, but doesn't like strangers. He has trouble starting conversations and doesn't like small talk, but he will talk at length when a subject he finds interesting is brought up. He feels emotionally detached from others and does not experience much empathy, but he still does his best to be kind and compassionate when he is able. He is very straightforward and blunt, and doesn't like it when others aren't the same way.

He spends a lot of time in his head. While he loves to analyze movies and media as a pastime, he is very slow about it and usually cannot transfer this skill to interpersonal relationships or his surroundings, and as such he's very clumsy and awkward. Having a giant tail that is roughly the same size as his body does not help. He spends a lot of time stuck in his head, either daydreaming or having a very in-depth one-sided conversation with himself. If he's not doing that, he's drawing while listening to a YouTube video analyzing some sort of media. He generally likes to keep to himself, but is not opposed to the occasional quiet get-together with his friends.