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48 Eos Years
(55 Earth Years)


Kovus is a bitter, selfish, and sadistic old man. He was onec youthful and optimistic, but he's been metaphorically burned and left in the dust many times throughout his life. He believes his softness and willingness to trust as a young man was what cost him his arm.


Kovus believes the world will never change and the only way to succeed in life is to "do things the way they've always been done." He uses rigid structure and strict rules to keep his employees in line, without care for their feelings on the matter; it's not like there's law in space to stop him. He doesn't get along well with others, so most of his relationships are purely professional and those that go beyond that are usually an abuse of power on his part. He keeps his emotions closely reined in and only expresses them when it may give him an advantage or once he gets pushed over the edge.



"I'll do my best to sugarcoat things for you, sweetheart, but there's no way of making this sound nice. Pops spent most of my early years layin' his hands on me. Wasn't 'til I got old that I understood why."

Kovus's father was a twisted man. His wife was essentially sold to him à la medieval dowry


"You wouldn't've recognized me if I didn't tell you this was me. I was a naïve kid, still thought the world was good."

Early Adulthood

"Pops was right, though. Was about twenty-three when it hit me. Literally. Was workin' on the railroad, train came through while I had headphones on. Cut my arm clean off. Boss said it was my own fault for takin' so long."


Old Bio (warning: shitty):

Kovus is a deranged individual with an extremely intense fixation on meat and flesh. He can come across as charismatic at first, but after spending time with him most people discover that he's absolutely batshit insane and talks about almost nothing but meat. Sapient and non-sapient creatures alike are all just meat to him, and it is his personal goal to consume every type of meat he possibly can. He sees sex as more of a casual pastime than anything; he's completely infertile and thus it serves no purpose to him other than pleasure. He usually eats his sexual partners afterwards anyway. His only rule is that he does not consume young children/animals, as he finds the texture of their flesh to be "unpleasant and off-putting." He considers evading the authorities as a game he must play in order to get what he wants.