Epiphany - Patricia Taxxon

The Hyperion system is one of the newest settlements in the galaxy! Previously devoid of life, Hyperion's celestial bodies have since been graced with beautiful and diverse settlements. If you're looking for honorable, honest work, Styx Mines have just the thing for you. If you're just looking to visit, try poking around Leviathan's upper atmosphere and its two moons, Ferra and Eon.

Hyperion is a work-in-progress sci-fi type world. Its namesake is the star of the solar system it takes place in, Hyperion KV-1. The two settled bodies, Styx and Eon, are direct opposites; Styx is dominated by a mining operation with inhumane working conditions and a greedy, cynical old man running the show, while Eon is a borderline utopian society with very little crime — or so most people think.